Faculty Developers

About Our Faculty Developers

Peg Balachowski, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning at Everett Community College

In Peg's role, she works primarily with new faculty. Peg designed a year-long course for new tenure-track and full-time temporary faculty called The New Faculty Teaching Academy. Peg also serves as the administrator for the Associate Faculty Academy for new adjunct (Associate) faculty, a nuts-and-bolts hybrid class designed to support the on-boarding of new Associate faculty. Both of these academies were designed to increase community among faculty members, reflective and responsive classroom practices, as well as to improve student learning, success, and retention. Her scholarly interests include professional development, the impact of mentoring, and framing the professional journey. Peg is also responsible for the Senior Associate mentoring program, and has developed a training program for tenured faculty serving as mentors.

Rhonda DeWitt, Manager of Engagement & Learning, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Rhonda seeks to create meaningful learning opportunities for LWTech colleagues by providing various professional development activities. Such activities include: creating opportunities for faculty to discuss classroom-relevant topics during Faculty Lunch-Abouts, co-facilitating the Faculty Summer Institute, planning Inservice training days, and coordinating book discussions  and workshops for employees. She formed and chairs the Faculty Professional Development Committee and serves as a member on the HR Advisory Committee. Her current passion projects are leading efforts to improve the onboarding process of new faculty hires at LWTech as well as providing learning opportunities on Universal Design for Learning. Rhonda enjoys spending time with her young son, standup paddle boarding, and getting outside for a walk in any weather. And soy vanilla lattes

Elisabeth Fredrickson, Associate Dean for Instruction at Edmonds Community College

In her role as Associate Dean for Instruction, Elisabeth directs the Teaching and Learning Center, supports faculty in their teaching practice, and works in collaboration with division deans to help guide instructional initiatives. A big part of her job is supporting and mentoring associate faculty. She also provides leadership for the Faculty Professional Development Committee and works with the committee's co-coordinators to develop programming. In previous positions, she taught English Composition and World Literature and designed and facilitated professional development courses for faculty. Her favorite part of her current job is bringing faculty together to share resources and innovative ideas for teaching.

Brigid Nulty, Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, Shoreline Community College

Brigid believes that to support student learning, one must support teacher learning. After phases as a biology teacher (high school and community college), science researcher, and professional developer for K-12 science teachers, she now supports the professional learning of the faculty at Shoreline. Brigid is also working on a doctoral dissertation in Instructional Leadership at UW. At Shoreline she offers workshops on equitable teaching practices, leads a First Year Experience Institute, supports campus-wide learning events (including Opening Week and Day of Learning), and hosts the New Faculty Orientation, along with other myriad projects. Brigid loves collaborating with her 5-Star colleagues. When she’s not at work, Brigid is with her dog and child, exploring the woods.