Faculty Developers

About Our Faculty Developers

Peg Balachowski, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning at Everett Community College

In Peg's role, she works primarily with new faculty. Peg designed a year-long course for new tenure-track and full-time temporary faculty called The New Faculty Teaching Academy. Peg also serves as the administrator for a Title III grant-supported teaching academy for new adjunct faculty, a nuts-and-bolts hybrid class designed to support the on-boarding of new adjunct faculty members. Both of these academies were designed to increase reflective and responsive practices, as well as to improve student learning and success. Her scholarly interests include professional development, the impact of mentoring, and framing the professional journey. Peg is also responsible for the Senior Associate mentoring program, and has developed a training program and handbook for tenured faculty serving as mentors.

Sally Heilstedt, Associate Dean at Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Sally Heilstedt works with great teams in professional development, eLearning, the library, and tutoring, and oversees curriculum development and educational assessment. She is deeply passionate about supporting faculty and students in discovering their strengths and applying them to their daily teaching and learning experiences. Sally looks forward to work each day because of the many opportunities to participate in and build community in the classroom and on campus. In her time outside of work, she loves to dance, hike, brew beer, volunteer, and experience adventures!


Kristina Jipson, Associate Faculty - English Department at Edmonds Community College Kristina has been an associate faculty member in the English department at Edmonds Community College since the Fall of 2014. Before moving to the Seattle area, she taught English and humanities courses at Columbia University, Yeshiva University, the Cooper Union, the New York Institute of Technology, Baruch College, and the University of Notre Dame. She served as a faculty consultant at Columbia and the Cooper Union, and was the Graduate Student Assistant Director for the Writing and Rhetoric Program at Notre Dame. She has an MFA in Writing from Columbia University and a PhD in English from the University of Notre Dame. Her first book of poetry, Halve, was the recipient of the Tupelo Press Berkshire Prize, and she also teaches poetry at the Richard Hugo House. She is passionate about finding ways to adapt her teaching to best serve community college students, and excited to team up with dedicated faculty to find new ways of developing as educators. 

Nataša Kesler,  Tenured Faculty, Director of Teaching and Learning Academy at Cascadia College

Nataša's experience includes five years of neurology research at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY and two years of nanotechnology research at Redmond-based Micronics, Inc. Prior to joining Cascadia, Nataša worked for nine years as an active adjunct faculty member at Seattle Central College. She is passionate about designing creative tools to address a variety of student learning styles and needs. She looks forward to helping create applicable and engaging professional development opportunities.

Claire Murata, Collection Development Librarian at Shoreline Community College

Claire Murata comes to professional learning by way of 10 years of teaching ESL in Indonesia, New York, Japan and Seattle and 15 years of being an academic librarian. A Seattle native, she is equally passionate about information literacy, student voice, and honoring her teaching colleagues by providing transformative professional learning opportunities at Shoreline Community College with the 5 Star Consortium.