Teaching and Learning

Each college within the 5 Star Consortium has its own version of a Teaching and Learning Center. 


Here you'll find information, resources and more about each college's Teaching and Learning Center: 


Cascadia College

The Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) is dedicated to enriching Cascadia’s community of learners who are pioneering innovative pathways in successful student-centered education by developing the skills and enriching the pedagogical knowledge of faculty. There is also a Canvas Site available for new faculty.


Edmonds Community College


Everett Community College:

Lake Washington Institute of Technology
We invest in faculty and staff essential to student success by providing personal and professional development opportunities that support the core work of the college.


Shoreline Community College
Faculty challenge students to meet rigorous academic standards in order to prepare them well for the workforce and academic transfer; faculty access necessary resources to help students meet high academic standards without lowering those standards. Faculty assume professional responsibilities for developing and maintaining professional relationships with their fellow College employees and with students, and they enjoy professional status through the faculty contract (collective bargaining agreement).