Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Saturday Fall Series Workshop Recap - Putting the YOU in UDL!

Last Saturday, several faculty members representing most of the colleges within the 5 Star Consortium came to the Fall Series Workshop: Putting the YOU in UDL!
Collaboration while using new tools for
the classroom (Diane Houston of EvCC &
Cascadia, and Marcelo Guerra Hahn of

This was a workshop exploring how the principles of Universal Design for Learning can inform your teaching practice. Participants learned strategies for making course content accessible and engaging for ALL students, and generated ideas for how to start incorporating UDL into classrooms.

A Google Slides Presentation from the workshop is available for viewing here
Jason Pfau & Stephanie Doyle of EvCC and Priyanka Pant
of LWTech

Kristina Jipson, Sr. Associate Faculty and
co-lead of faculty development at EdCC

Many great ideas were shared at this event! Below are some resources and information that were shared on Saturday:

Stay tuned for our next event!

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