Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Lazy Summer Day

If you are reading this post, chances are, you are on break, thinking about a quarter or summer that just ended, or maybe the summer term coming up. Perhaps you are even thinking about the fall term which right now seems pretty far off! 

With all that in mind, when you have some spare time to reflect on this amazing profession that we are engaged in, here are some great sites to visit. Be sure to take a look at the article on Flipping the Classroom. Who knew that education is the new punk rock?

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Bonni Stachowiak provides a list of intriguing podcasts that delve into the growing research on teaching and learning in higher education. (Teaching in Higher Ed)

Flipping the Classroom as an Educational Tool

In this video, a former punk rocker and current professor describes how flipping the classroom—posting lectures online so students can watch them on their own time—is a way of bringing education to the students and giving them flexibility and choice in their learning. (Higher Ed Jobs)

Don’t Do It for Me: Encouraging Student Agency and Power

In describing how she reaches out to students who miss deadlines or blow off classes, Cathryn Bailey clarifies that she is not sending these reminders to solicit apologies, but to remind students that they have control of and are responsible for their own learning. (The Virtual Pedagogue)

Champion for Adult Students: Colleges Must Change How They Teach

Marie Cini describes ways instructors and institutions are rethinking their approach to higher education through such strategies as using Open Education Resources instead of more expensive textbooks to meet the needs of adult students. (EdSurge)

With Innovation, Colleges Fill the Skills Gap

Many colleges are developing programs to meet the needs of employers, including Miami Dade College, which offers a “stackable” approach to a data analytics degree, where students accumulate credentials as they move along the path to their eventual career. (The New York Times)

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