Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Would You Do Wednesday: Scenario 8

Each week we will bring you a short scenario to address issues that you, your colleagues and students might face. How would you respond to these scenarios? Would you file a report, or do something different? Talk to your colleagues about these situations - the classroom should be a safe learning environment for students AND instructors!


You have a student that you look forward to seeing every day because she is so engaged and engaging. She is cheerful and well-organized, and has articulated her dream of being a chemist. She stops by your office at least once a week just to say hi, and recently you learned that she is a first generation college student who is also married, and is not getting a lot of support from her husband or family. Today when she entered your classroom, not only was she 10 minutes late, but was clearly upset about something. Not good, because today was the first exam, and you wanted all the students to have the entire class period to complete the exam. When she entered and took a seat at the back of the room, you took a copy of the exam to her seat, and what you saw was very disturbing: bruises on her arms and what appeared to be a black eye covered with makeup. She didn’t make eye contact with you when you gave her the exam. What should you do?

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