Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Would You Do Wednesday: Scenario 11

Each week we will bring you a short scenario to address issues that you, your colleagues and students might face. How would you respond to these scenarios? Would you file a report, or do something different? Talk to your colleagues about these situations - the classroom should be a safe learning environment for students AND instructors!


Sometimes students share things with you because they see you as a trustworthy person and they are worried about a friend. They don’t know what to do about a situation so they come to you for help. A student in your class, Joe, tells you that his roommate, Ben, has become totally preoccupied with Sheila, a girl he’s interested in. Joe saw Ben going through Sheila's pictures on social media, and he always wants to eat at the restaurant where she works. Joe knows Sheila from a class they had together, and she has told him she is pretty uncomfortable with all the attention from Ben. The flowers and gifts she’s getting from Ben are nice, but she already has a boyfriend, and he’s getting jealous! She’s told Ben to back off, but he’s not listening. What advice should you give Joe - should he stay out of it, or should he talk to Ben about taking a step back from the situation?

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