Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What Would You Do Wednesday - Scenario 5

Each week we will bring you a short scenario to address issues that you, your colleagues and students might face. How would you respond to these scenarios? Would you file a report, or do something different? Talk to your colleagues about these situations - the classroom should be a safe learning environment for students AND instructors!


You have worked very hard to create a syllabus that covers all aspects of your course. In addition to all of the required information – student objectives, outcomes, course description and course materials – you have created a thoughtful description of your behavioral expectations. For example, you say that students should be respectful in class, including being on time ready to learn, and your cell phone policy is no phones open during class.  A student comes to class late and makes a lot of noise getting settled, then either sits with eyes closed or is obviously texting. At the beginning of the quarter, this student was considerate and observed all the class expectations, but things have changed. This new behavior is distracting to you and the other students. What do you do?

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