Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What Would You Do Wednesday: Scenario 4

Each week we will bring you a short scenario to address issues that you, your colleagues and students might face. How would you respond to these scenarios? Would you file a report, or do something different? Talk to your colleagues about these situations - the classroom should be a safe learning environment for students AND instructors!

Scenario #4:

In a recent professional development workshop, you learned that group activities engage students more, and in fact, in the workshop you had an opportunity to practice being a student. You saw your colleagues enjoying the experience, so you decided to try it in a class. You assign your students to groups to work on a class project that you carefully designed. You were pretty sure you thought of all the possible things that could go wrong, hoping that everything would go right! If it does, you are committed to doing more group activities. Now, however, you have heard repeated complaints from students in one group about another student who refuses to work with the people in their group. The student who is refusing to work with others seems to always have an excuse for not getting things done. The group members have come to you demanding that you resolve this by insisting the student do the work required on their part. What do you do?

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