Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What Would You Do Wednesday: Scenario 1

Each week we will bring you a short scenario to address issues that you, your colleagues and students might face. How would you respond to these scenarios? Would you file a report, or do something different? Talk to your colleagues about these situations - the classroom should be a safe learning environment for students AND instructors!


A female student who you had in class last quarter has just told you that she has been receiving unwanted and unwelcomed text messages and emails on Canvas of a sexual nature from a male student in her current class. She has told him to stop, but he is continuing and she is very uncomfortable. What would you do to help your former student? What should you say? Should you go to the current teacher? Or should you go directly to the male student? Ultimately will you go to the Dean? To Security?

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If you'd like someone from the 5 Star Consortium to follow up with you regarding this scenario, please email

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